Originating from their predecessors, The Manitowish Waters Boat Club, the Skeeters preserve a long tradition and heritage and innovation.  The Manitowish Waters Club was made up of year round and summer residents and established in 1955.  Skiers in the Boat Club became organized, saving donations collected during their shows.

In 1961, the Boat Club adopted the name Skiing Skeeters and established a permanent show site on Rest Lake.  1961 also saw the Skeeters aquire their first towboat.  This boat was custom designed and built to Skeeter specifications by Lyons Industries  Powering the boat were two 75-HP  Evinrude engines donated courtesy of Ray Smeeth Sporting Goods.

By 1962, the Skeeters had built their own jump and acquired lighting and public address equipment.  These young and talented skiers were providing thrilling professional level entertainment for many summer guests and visitors.  Along with top level ski shows, the club also concentrated on promoting water safety.

The first statewide barefoot tournament held in the USA was sponsored by the Skeeters in 1964.   The Skeeters won the team event and kept that title for the next 5 years.  The Nationwide publicity of this event established Manitowish Waters as the "Barefoot Capitol of the Midwest".  In 1966, at the first ever State Water Ski SHow Tournament, the Skeeters emerged as the State Champions.

Through the 70's & 80's the Skeeters cuntinued to provide entertaining shows.  In 1987, they were faced with moving to a new site. With the assistance from Alumni Members and Town Support, the club was able to complete the transition to it's current site.  The relocation has provided the club with a beautiful natural amphitheater for their shows.

The club has produced a National Barefoot Champion named Caleb Feiereisen, who was inducted into the Wisconsin Water  Ski Hall of Fame in the late 90's.

The success of the Skiing Skeeters is a fine tribute to the business acumen and imagination of it's executive group, aggressive members, and to the generous cooperation of local individuals and business owners woh have contributed their advice, time, services, products, and money.

Please express your appreciaton by donating to the club, and pantron izing our worthy sponsors. The money collected will be used for operating costs, equiment and replacement costs, gasoline, boat maintenance, and so much more. Without you, our guests, the Shows would not be possible. Our skiers do not ski for money, but for your applause. If you would like to learn more about the club, and how to participate in the envents and shows during the summer, please do not hesitate to inquire with any membger of the club.


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